Of Poet Laureates and Toddlers

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! Sorry, I know a lot of people hate all-caps. But honestly. This is a three-year-old reciting one of my favorite poems, "Litany" by Billy Collins. I was lucky enough to get to hear him read this himself when I was in college, and let me just say... the toddler does it … Continue reading Of Poet Laureates and Toddlers

When Babies Go Wrong

Sometimes it's hard to live in Brooklyn. Oh sure, there's plenty of free-range, macrobiotic, grass-fed produce. Hell, I've been apologized to by a waiter because the eggs weren't local. And then there's the beautiful Prospect Park, possibly one of the finest in NYC. And yeah, I guess it's pretty all right having a thriving artistic … Continue reading When Babies Go Wrong