The Internet Gets Me

I was showing my mom my new dress yesterday, which is covered in dinosaurs (because I aspire to be Ms. Frizzle), and she asked how on earth I found such gloriousness. "The internet, of course!" I replied, because let's all be honest here: the information age is a pretty sweet one if you aspire to … Continue reading The Internet Gets Me


That Time I Didn’t Join A Cult

In order to understand this story, you should understand that my uncle is infinitely cooler and more in-the-know than your average 23 year old. I genuinely don't understand how, exactly, he manages that, but trust me, if you ever get the chance, you want him as your tour guide. I should also mention he's probably reading this, … Continue reading That Time I Didn’t Join A Cult

I’m Old.

Okay, so I'm not really old. I'm in my mid-30s, which by any standard outside the Middle Ages is perfectly reasonable, and since the Middle Ages had absolutely nothing to do with reason, we're going to ignore that part. However, I do enjoy gloating over all the things that I know about, that kids these days will … Continue reading I’m Old.