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defending gay marriage

I’ll admit it. I’m a dirty hippie – or at least I grew up in CA, which seems to amount to the same thing most of the time. I don’t think global warming is a hoax, I do think that we could learn something from socialism, and I definitely believe in gay marriage.

Of course, as a reformed Californian (Brooklyn’s the closest thing to Berkeley I could find on the east coast), I was horrified and ashamed by Prop 8. Ohio’s more liberal than the state that Hollywood and San Francisco both call home?! I mean, come on! I know there were all sorts of weird political circumstances going on **cough*Mormons*cough** but even so. I expected better from us. Not only because I still think that any legal grounds for denying marriage to one portion of the community goes against the fundamentals of this country (which we seem to be having a lot of problems with lately), but also because it’s friggin’ California. This is not rocket science; we’re known for being, well, totally gay! It’s our thing! Our raison d’etre! Our je ne sais quoi!

Geeze, I’m getting so heated I’m breaking out in French.

gay marriage is the way to go

Anyhoo, my point is that it was alarming. I’ve long harbored the suspicion that Gay Marriage will eventually make its way to the Supreme Court, where I optimistically think they’ll make it legal country-wide, but to have to see that battle carried out in my home state’s court system first is a little harrowing. Thank God that the good guys won the last round, and marriage is – for the moment at least! – open to all.

If you’ve actually read this far down into my rant you’re probably interested in the issue yourself, so you’d probably enjoy reading this little gem that was sent to me by The Boy: The Proposition 8 Ruling (in simple language). It just breaks down the basics of the case and where it’s going to be taken from here, and is super-approachable, even for a nincompoop like myself. Check it out, yo!

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