How To Be Polite

{Bath time.}

Me: Please stop splashing me.

Kraken: Why?

Me: {So used to this question I answer automatically} Because I’ll get wet.

Kraken: If you get wet, what will happen?

Me: {Is he hoping it’ll be an explosion or something?} When I try to cuddle you you’ll say, “Oh no Mamma, you’re wet and cold!”

Kraken: {Becoming serious} I would not say that Mamma. I would not say that.

Me: {Not paying much attention, assuming he’s being contrary to keep up the Three Year Old Code Of Ethics.} Mm-hmm.

Kraken: I would not say that, Mamma! I would say…. I would say… {Really thinking about it} I would say, “I am warm!” {Proceeds to look smug. He’s got this whole interacting-with-others thing down cold.} 

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