Dress Like A Kid

I had a major breakthrough in therapy a few weeks ago. I know, that's the biggest red flag for "EXTREMELY PERSONAL AND YET SOMEHOW SIMULTANEOUSLY BORING SHIT AHEAD! ABORT! DO NOT READ!" Read on, and I swear I will not talk about my subconscious, a dream journal, or how my dog never really loved me. … Continue reading Dress Like A Kid

Today’s Checklist

Today's pre-wedding checklist: Back/shoulders peeling from sunburn Glitter covering the apartment like some sort of craft-STD Paycheck MIA, leaving me with exactly $87.23 in bank account Cat's butt balding from flea allergy (seriously?) Strange box full of electrical wires, lightbulbs, and yarn blocking the front door Sudden and disturbing realization about how long it's been … Continue reading Today’s Checklist