Gmail Fail

I try to at least skim through my spam before hitting that “Delete Forever” button out of some sort of misguided superstition that if I don’t then I’ll delete something vitally important. And today I was proven correct.

amateur taxidermy suppliesHOW COULD GOOGLE THINK THIS IS SPAM???

I’m personally rendered speechless by Gmail’s blatant disregard for my amateur taxidermy supply needs, but here are some of the reactions I’ve gotten from others:

“It’s inherently trustworthy if it has a deer’s head.”  -boyfriend

“This is a great opportunity to check out a second career!”  -Mom

“Mmmm… stuffed animals…”  -my cat, possibly mistaking taxidermy stuffing for the Thanksgiving variety.

My conclusion: this is not just me. Everyone wants emails with information about acquiring your very own amateur taxidermy supplies, especially with names like the Rackulator, the Buck Boiler, and of course Mountain Mike’s European Deer Skull-Mounting Kit.

Because if anyone knows about Old World traditional craft techniques, it’s Mountain Mike.

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