7 Reasons I *Heart* Etsy

Oh, Etsy. Yon bastion of all things that cannot be sold in real stores (and a few that can), you have so many redeeming qualities, but then there's your Dark Side. The side that is full of the strange and wonderful. The side that makes you wonder what these people are doing with their lives. The side that makes you secretly covetous of wine racks made of raccoon bones, because it would make your house the coolest on the block come Halloween.

Gmail Fail

I try to at least skim through my spam before hitting that "Delete Forever" button out of some sort of misguided superstition that if I don't then I'll delete something vitally important. And today I was proven correct. HOW COULD GOOGLE THINK THIS IS SPAM??? I'm personally rendered speechless by Gmail's blatant disregard for my … Continue reading Gmail Fail