Bigger On The Inside




Saturday was devoted solely to the re-watching of previous episodes, culminating in the new season’s cliffhanger (I do not deal well with those, and we had to watch a couple more old episodes to get me to stop cursing Steven Moffat). And because I’m physically incapable of sitting still for any length of time, I made The Boy a present, and much rejoicing ensued:


Doctor Who iPad cover

DUN da dun DUN da dun DUN da dun DUN DUN...


Yes, it’s a TARDIS iPad cover, knit by yours truly. Lest anyone ever doubt my nerdiness, this is just adding to the pile of physical evidence I’ve accumulated over the years. And now I’m starting to think of all the other things that need protection via TARDIS… my laptop doesn’t really have a good cover for when it goes traveling… the possibilities are nigh on endless!

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