I’m Old.

Okay, so I'm not really old. I'm in my mid-30s, which by any standard outside the Middle Ages is perfectly reasonable, and since the Middle Ages had absolutely nothing to do with reason, we're going to ignore that part. However, I do enjoy gloating over all the things that I know about, that kids these days will … Continue reading I’m Old.

The Economy Depends on Dinosaurs

The Kraken has a second friend! Friend #2! It's a minor miracle, you guys! Okay, actually, he claims he has a friend. I'm still not 100% convinced the other kid knows they're friends, but I'm not about to burst his tiny, socially confused bubble. It's okay goblin. You'll figure out how basic social interactions work eventually. And … Continue reading The Economy Depends on Dinosaurs

Yay! Go Sport!

This week we've all been laid low with a fiendish combination of runny noses, sore throats, and pink eye, which basically means the entire apartment, including its occupants, are disgusting. And covered in used tissues & antibiotic ointment. Luckily, we've got the Olympics. Yeah, I'm one of those people. Summer or winter, I get giddy … Continue reading Yay! Go Sport!