My Rules For The Perfect Library

Like pretty much every other person writing on the internet, I love libraries. I'm genuinely convinced that this is the single most romantic moment in cinema history, and you'll never convince me otherwise: I'm not saying I would ever leave my husband, but if a magical man-beast with fantastic eyebrows ever gives me a library... … Continue reading My Rules For The Perfect Library


Baby Iguanas Are Maniacs

I'm one of those people. You know the ones I'm talking about. People who like snakes. I volunteered at a nature center in high school, and wound up in charge of the lizard-bug-turtle-snake room, possibly because I was so obviously trustworthy and qualified, but probably because no one else wanted to do it. Either way, … Continue reading Baby Iguanas Are Maniacs

Ye Olde Times

I spend a surprising amount of my time being thankful I wasn't born in the 1400s. Or 600 AD. Or 1100 BC. Basically, all of the dates before the second half on the 20th century. They seem like, by and large, people had a fairly shitty time of it, unless you were the 0.00001% who … Continue reading Ye Olde Times