On Androids and Homosexuality

A Gizmodo article just popped up in my RSS feed:

Breaking: Andy Rubin Is Out at Android

And at first I was all, “Aw, that’s nice, Gizmodo’s supporting someone who just came out!” Then I realized that makes no sense, so I was all, “Oooooh, he’s probably coming out as an android. Huh. I didn’t know we had that technology yet.”

Next Generation is the best generation

Then I wasted a lot of time Googling old Star Trek episodes

Then the other shoe dropped and I was like, “Of COURSE! He’s a closeted Android user who’s finally accepting that he isn’t one of the brainwashed Apple millions. Good for him!”

And I laughed at myself for being so silly.

Which is why, boys and girls, you should always pay attention to your prepositions.

ooooh... out AT android...

They do know that “monumental” is generally used in reference to the Pyramids, Parthenon, and other Ancient Wonders, right?