Stop! Thief!

That time when you get your toddler a beautiful fruit salad. You set it down in front of him, and he starts STUFFING honeydew into his face. Score! You sit down, and start chowing down on your vegetable salad (with some tuna on top for protein).

Suddenly, the fruit salad is no longer acceptable. There is much pointing at the grownup salad you were feasting on.

[Editor’s Note: the wee kraken mostly conveys meaning through a series of strange sound effects, the signs for “more” and “all done”, and pointing. He’s still surprisingly expressive, and the dialogue has been tweaked to reflect that.]

**sigh** Fine kid. Here’s a spinach leaf. See? You don’t like it.

Oh, but I do, Mommy. I do. More please!

**hands him more salad**

What is this delightful substance sticking to the leaves? Tuna, you say? Oh please, may I have some more?

**finds a few chunks of tuna for him**

There appear to be nuggets of golden deliciousness in here Mama!

You mean the kernels of corn that stuck to the tuna?

I do indeed! I would like more of that as well, sweet mother of mine!

Fine. Here. Are you happy now?

I would be happier with more. 



How much more?

I’m not going to lie, Mommy. I want all of it. 

This… is an adult-sized lunch.


…and that’s how I somehow wound up without any lunch, while the toddler practiced scooping up corn with a spoon.

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