Lies I Will Someday Tell My Children

Broccoli is actually just an extremely tiny species of tree. The bigger version was once the main staple in the brontosaurus’s diet. The brontosaurus was so a real dinosaur. (So were triceratops!) College is basically like Hogwarts, but they don’t start teaching you the cool spells until after you declare your major. Their godmother really … Continue reading Lies I Will Someday Tell My Children


Way Better Than Hipstamatic

Most of the people in my life are talented photographers. They look at a scene and can see exactly how to show the beauty and truth of the moment, to communicate the universal humanity of the everyday. I am not one of those people. Which is why I'm in love with my new Android app, … Continue reading Way Better Than Hipstamatic

Leaning Towers

My brother visited us last week, and in an effort to convince him that I'm actually pretty cool (yes, I know, just roll with it) I took him to South, where this feat of supreme balance and gravity-defying skill was accomplished: "What is this?" you ask. Well, I'm glad you asked! I'll tell you what … Continue reading Leaning Towers

When Babies Go Wrong

Sometimes it's hard to live in Brooklyn. Oh sure, there's plenty of free-range, macrobiotic, grass-fed produce. Hell, I've been apologized to by a waiter because the eggs weren't local. And then there's the beautiful Prospect Park, possibly one of the finest in NYC. And yeah, I guess it's pretty all right having a thriving artistic … Continue reading When Babies Go Wrong