Way Better Than Hipstamatic

Most of the people in my life are talented photographers.

They look at a scene and can see exactly how to show the beauty and truth of the moment, to communicate the universal humanity of the everyday.

I am not one of those people.

Which is why I’m in love with my new Android app, Vignette. It lets me take artsy-fartsy (admittedly hipster, but who cares? they look cool! and intentional!!) photos without even trying. To whit, here’s me literally pointing and shooting around the apartment to experiment with different settings.


I got these candlesticks on safari in Africa. **bragging**



I have never understood people who can leave walls blank


Creatures I Love



the view from my kitchen suddenly has a certain je ne sais quoi


apparently I no longer live in Brooklyn, but in a romantic apartment in Paris, probably above a cafe where literary giants congregate to drink themselves into early graves


Did I emphasize that I was not trying to take good pictures?? This thing is genius! Check it out, and learn to be an artsy-fartsy hipster with pretensions of photographic fame in no time.


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