How to Make Shakespeare Even Geekier

I admit it. Shakespeare isn’t exactly the Coolest of Interests. You might even say that it’s a touch nerdy. A smidge geeky. A smarty pants way of spending your time even. But there’s something worse. Much worse. So very muchly worse that I hesitate even to write it down.


Patrick Stewart's finest hour

That’s right, the weirdos who dress up as Captain Jean Luc Picard and go to conventions where they discuss why he would have an English accent if he’s supposed to be from France. Not that I ever watched Star Trek or anything. I have absolutely no opinion on whether TNG (The Next Generation, for those of you not in the know) was better than the original series (it was).

My point here is that if I meet a stranger at a party I’m likely to wind up ranting about the totally bogus interpretation of As You Like It I saw at BAM last year, but I will never, ever, no matter how many drinks you get into me, discuss Geordi La Forge. There are levels of geek-dom that you just don’t stoop to.

Enter the good people of the Washington Shakespeare Company, who apparently wanted to set some sort of record for social alienation by translating The Bard into Klingon.

Now, I’m all for letting your freak flag fly, but really? Really?? Was that necessary?

One thought on “How to Make Shakespeare Even Geekier

  1. Interestingly enough the only thing you wrote that I disagree with is this: “A smarty pants way of spending your time even.”

    Who said being a Shakespeare nerd is a “smarty pants” way of spending time? That’s presumptuous. Smarty isn’t even a word my friend. It might be more aptly described as a “nerdy pants way of spending your time even”.

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