The Economy Depends on Dinosaurs

The Kraken has a second friend! Friend #2! It's a minor miracle, you guys! Okay, actually, he claims he has a friend. I'm still not 100% convinced the other kid knows they're friends, but I'm not about to burst his tiny, socially confused bubble. It's okay goblin. You'll figure out how basic social interactions work eventually. And … Continue reading The Economy Depends on Dinosaurs

Lies I Will Someday Tell My Children

Broccoli is actually just an extremely tiny species of tree. The bigger version was once the main staple in the brontosaurus’s diet. The brontosaurus was so a real dinosaur. (So were triceratops!) College is basically like Hogwarts, but they don’t start teaching you the cool spells until after you declare your major. Their godmother really … Continue reading Lies I Will Someday Tell My Children

A Lie in the Fourth Degree

I'm a huge Shakespeare nerd. No really, I used to carry the Collected Works around the back yard, declaiming monologues when I was in 2nd grade. I had no idea what they meant of course, but they sounded so good! At any rate, it's only appropriate that I start this blog with a quote from Big Willy himself...