How To Be Polite

{Bath time.} Me: Please stop splashing me. Kraken: Why? Me: {So used to this question I answer automatically} Because I'll get wet. Kraken: If you get wet, what will happen? Me: {Is he hoping it'll be an explosion or something?} When I try to cuddle you you'll say, "Oh no Mamma, you're wet and cold!" Kraken: {Becoming serious} I would not say that Mamma. … Continue reading How To Be Polite

Am I Becoming A Witch?

This story begins before Valentine's Day. I came home, and my sweet uncle who's way too generous with his time and resources (which I take full advantage of) had bought an enormous bouquet of red roses from Whole Foods, because apparently the Kraken saw them and insisted I needed one. They sat on the mantle … Continue reading Am I Becoming A Witch?

Killing It

So! Day three of single parenting, and I'm obviously killing it! And by "single parenting" I of course mean "spending as much time as possible with my parents helping me," and by "killing it" I mean "spending as much time as possible with my parents helping me." But at least I fed them dinner last night! AND … Continue reading Killing It