How To Be Polite

{Bath time.} Me: Please stop splashing me. Kraken: Why? Me: {So used to this question I answer automatically} Because I'll get wet. Kraken: If you get wet, what will happen? Me: {Is he hoping it'll be an explosion or something?} When I try to cuddle you you'll say, "Oh no Mamma, you're wet and cold!" Kraken: {Becoming serious} I would not say that Mamma. … Continue reading How To Be Polite

Killing It

So! Day three of single parenting, and I'm obviously killing it! And by "single parenting" I of course mean "spending as much time as possible with my parents helping me," and by "killing it" I mean "spending as much time as possible with my parents helping me." But at least I fed them dinner last night! AND … Continue reading Killing It

Pajama Party!

The Kraken's school doesn't celebrate traditional holidays (way too mainstream for Berkeley), so instead they make up their own traditions, and this week it's Jammie Days! Which, yeah, just means coming to school in your pajamas, but you have no idea how exciting that is when you're three, and spend most of your life resisting … Continue reading Pajama Party!